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Football small frameCustom Lamp Frames are our main specialty. We love entertaining new custom lamp frame ideas with designers and lighting businesses to bring out something new. Sometimes, there's just nothing out there that will work with your lamp base or lighting project. From oddly shaped footballs or a wonderous hot air balloon shaped frame, we work closely with top designers to make their designs come alive. In an age where everyone has gone overseas to try and mass produce wire forms, we are still around and cater to those who have pride in USA made products and value the expertise of three generations of wire experience.

We have done quite a number of hospitality jobs and worked with detailed restaurant designers that need custom lamp frames for their new concepts or ideas. We can make almost anything of wire and have all the machinery, tools, and staff to get teh job done. Please fill out the custom lamp frames form online with your requirements and don't forget to give us a call. We promise that you won't get an answering machine or a automated phone system with any complicated extensions. You might end up talking to Bill Weiss and he's definitely the expert on Custom Lamp Frames.

Smith & Company specializes in all types of lamp frame styles. We are the KING of lamp frame design with over three generations of expertise. We have been catering to small and large lighting companies and designers for years. View our basic line of Smith & Company lamp frames for your everyday lamp style needs or hop on over to our custom lamp frames for specialty designs and custom made lamp frames according to your dimensions.


How to measure a lamp frame 

Please refer to the diagram measure your lamp frame.

Top diameter: provide the top measurement by measuring straight across from one end of the frame directly across

Slope: refers to the slanted measurement from the top rim of the lampframe to the bottom rim

Height: refers to the vertical height of the shade from top to bottom

Base diameter: refers to the bottom measurement by measuring straight across from one end of the frame directly across.

Lamp frames come in all sizes and shapes. Your lamp frame may have additional dimensions required. Please feel free to fax or email a diagram of your lamp frame so we can help you with additional measurement requirements.



Also, it is very important to indicate your preference of fitting types. Please refer to the diagram to see the different options.

Please fill out the custom lamp shade form to get started on your custom lampshade order.

Call us today for a quick quote or send us your designs via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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