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About Us

Founded in 1933 by a first-generation American William Smith, the family owned firm has gone into its third generation of management, under William "Bill" Weiss and has still many of its original employees on hand to do speciality wire designs.
As a skilled metal worker, William Smith opened his own wire-frame making shop and produced wrought iron furniture which movie stars like Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks bought for their patios.  However, in 1937 Smith passed away and his widow abandoned the furniture making facility and concentrated instead on the wire rings and frames that make the skeleton of lamp shades. In 1940, her daughter, Esther married young Albert Weiss and joined Mrs. Anna Smith in re-opening the wire plant and business began to flourish.  Albert and his wife, Esther, celebrated their 69th anniversary with the company and today, the firm is run by Albert's eldest son, William Weiss. Esther Weiss remains the owner of Smith and Company as she visits the company regularly to maintain its quality and reputation to its loyal customers.

The Company Profile

The family has owned the 8,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility since 1928. According to William, " we probably have the smallest plant in the U.S. for the amount of production we turn out. "  
"Every company claims its customers are important, but here the customer is truly the king. If a company needs thousands of custom-made frames, we get them onto our trucks within 24 to 48 hours and deliver them from San Diego to Ventura in our own fleet, " Weiss states. 
Custom-made wire fabrication are the norm at Smith & Company where each form needs something different, a finished goods inventory virtually doesn't exist.  The production floor houses numerous wire-forming machines that can handle everything from 12-gauge wire to 3/4 inch diameter material.  
Our expertise has expanded to custom wire product displays for many industries such as food and gift. We can design POP displays, storage baskets, vending racks, warehouse fixtures, wire magazine racks, wire shelves, etc. 


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