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Please note in the following examples that in order to be sure the frame is as you want, we will need all information. 

(A) The quantity of the item.
(B) The general shape of the item if top and bottom are the same style. If they are not, top and bottom need individual definition.
(C, D, E) Top, bottom, and height. If oval, rectangular, etc., both length and width are necessary and the height is overall; if a cuff or collar is included it needs to be noted separately. Height is measured from the edge of the top ring downward in a straight vertical direction; not along the rib.
(F) The number and shape of the ribs.
(G) The fitting, either washer, uno, reflector, reflector band (with size), sewing ring or open along with the placement of the fitting; flush, down 2", etc.
(H-Section) Indicate in the appropriate column, H1 or H2, if the item is wire or band. If the top is wire and the bottom is band (or visa versa), write top or bottom in the appropriate "H" column. Also, if a frame is an octagon, hexagon, or any other pointed item, we need to know if such items have been measured point to point or side to side.


SR: Straight Ribs
CR: Curved Ribs
SCR: Slightly Curved Ribs
VSCR: Very Slightly Curved Ribs
DCR: Deep Curved Ribs
UMBR: Umbrella Ribs
OFFR: Offset Ribs
DOFFR: Deep Offfset Ribs
Dome R: Dome Ribs
S-Dome R: Semi-Dome Ribs
Hat R: Hat Ribs
Pag R: Pagoda Ribs
WBR: Wedding Bell Ribs

Wfl: Washer Flush
WflUnd: Washer Flush Under Band
WD: Washer Drop
Chim R: Chimney Ring
Sew R: Sewing Ring
SU: Set Up
RS: Ring Set
REFL: Reflector
DIFF: Diffuser
Rein B: Reinforced Bottom
P-P: Point to Point
S-S: Side to Side
RTO: Race Track Oval
TRI: Triangle
SQ: Square
RECT: Rectangle
HEX: Hexagon
OCT: Octagon
FB: Flat Back
CC: Cut Corner
Curve CC: Curved Cut Corner
SCAL: Scallops
RDC: Round Corners
RFC: Round Front Corners


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