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Smith & Company offers a leading edge program of wire forming and design for artistics students of design and technology to learn, while staying involved with its community and offering students a technical library, engineering assistance, and the services of skilled craftsmens from three generations.

Smith & Company specializes in small to medium parts that it runs in medium to small volume production runs. It also creates prototypes and provides design assistance to its customers. Students who want an opportunity to learn from skilled craftsman about design, wire prototype making, manufacturing, and more should contact us to take advantage of this great hands on opportunity that will prepare them for the real world.

Advocating for Education in Manufacturing

A major concern of many manufacturing firms these days is the dwindling supply of skilled employees with the mechanical and computer skills necessary to work in a high-tech, digital manufacturing environment. Smith & Company assists with several educational programs in its community to promote manufacturing training and education. 

One project has the company teaching students how to read drawings and make tooling and  the elements of creativity. 

William Weiss, owner of Smith & Company, firmly believes in providing young talented minds with hands on experience just has he received from his father and grandfather as a youth. "It's a shame that schools don't offer these internship programs anymore and companies should take the time to give back."

Smith & Company is making an effort to get young people past the preconceived notions concerning manufacturing in general, and to let them know that there are many appealing opportunities in manufacturing. Our students can view the craftsmen interacting with our machinery, see the end products that are made, and how we interact with our customers. It also gives them an outlet to expand their imaginations. 

Nowadays, schools stress that you can only succeed if you get an education or degree at school. They fail to inspire the students to really dive in and connect the dots with real projects. All this studying in textbooks will not prepare them for their interaction with the tools and people in the real world. We are proud to give them this opportunity and support our community and country.

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