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Wire pieces are so in style right now! The traditional old wire basket has been reinvented several ways into some absolutely stunning décor. Try sending us your design ideas on wire tables, stores, chairs, and tray tables. We can create almost anything you can imagine. Our designers can work from you sketches and make from a simple pattern to an elaborate scroll work design. You will be amazed at the wonderous features of wire. Our designers can design whatever you can imagine. The simple coffee table can be made entirely out of wire and also great benches, trash cans, tables, bookcases, and more.  

The trend is coming back

The wire trend was revived from the ’60s, when industrial spaces first started being converted to homes. The loft and industrial style quickly became very desirable. Wire products perfectly fit the utilitarian look, as the wire basket is designed for function. The form of the wire basket inspires light carriages, end tables, and now just about any furniture piece. Designers starting picking up on the trend and saw wire as a way to make highly sculptural and volumetric furniture designs. Now, wire pieces are popping up in bright playful colors and with mid-century lines. 

Our designers are non stop working on new designs that will be coming out next year. We hope that more customers will realize how cool this modern vintage look is coming back.

Here are some great wire furniture ideas for you!Most of our the designs shown are actual projects made for our customers. Of course, there are so many designs over the years but due to our privacy policy to protect the original designs of our customers, they are not shown online. Please feel free to contact us directly and we can offer you great ideas on your next wire project design.

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